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Anonymous said:  Aw that's bogus.. I didn't know he was like that! Don't let it get you down tho. I think you're beautiful I hope you do too !!

aww well thank you! :) <3


Anonymous said:  You said "you know how I feel about Dustin"

oh. he just wasn’t very nice to me because I’m not tiny and pretty and skinny either of the times I saw him.


Anonymous said:  Wuddup with dustin



Anonymous said:  It's a crazy amount of money. I know i paid 100 for ATL but I met the band, got to stand side stage, got a t-shirt, picks and a setlist and was treated nicely by all of the band and Matt their tour manager

speaking completely honestly because I do love Heffron Drive, HD isn’t popular enough to be charging $100 for meet and greet. In my honest opinion. It’s just too much.


Anonymous said:  I love your theme but ... Are you going to change someday? Don't hate me S:

which theme? like my tumblr theme or like the BTROnline themes?


Anonymous said:  I thought Kendall was supposed to see him sometime around this week or next week...

it was last week or this week yet he was not there… :/


Anonymous said:  Exactly! You can not live forever with no luck :D



Anonymous said:  No, no, no. You're not unlucky. You are VERY lucky! You met "BTR", and I do not :( James publish your edition... That is VERY lucky to have :D

the first 17 years of my life were very unlucky so perhaps my time has just come?


Anonymous said:  I wish I had your luck :P haha congrats!

usually I’m pretty unlucky actually. :P but thank you! :D


Anonymous said:  What PSD used for this picture? I can download it? /post/79404319264

it’s this one:

but I tweaked it around a bit.