what's with the biscuits?

I'm Deanna. I make graphics and fangirl. that's about it.
 people going big time

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Anonymous said:  what's your hd fansite?

Anonymous said:  Hi, what state are you in?

Ontario, Canada. ;)


Anonymous said:  Ok that's just weird. He doesn't need to use a Ouija board to answer fan questions. They need to be from him not a damn spirit. What the holy hell?! But ok we'll see how that goes. I do wanna see that movie though. Wish Kendall could be my date!!!

If Kendall was going to take me and hold me through it I’d go see a scary movie with him.


Anonymous said:  Do you have a YouTube channel by any chance?

I hardly ever post anything but yes


Anonymous said:  Uhhhh what do Ouija boards have to do with Kendall? Lol. Details?

probably would have been wise to include details in that post hahaha here


Anonymous said:  I just barfed seeing Nick Jonas ass crack! Ewwww that pic set is gross. Show me Kendall & James all day long though. I know it's your blog but I wasn't expecting that. Now I'll have nightmares.

I have no idea what you want want me to say honestly.


Anonymous said:  I'm trying to remember the recent interview where Kendall admits that Nickelodeon highlighted his hair blonde in season 1&2 for the role of Kendall Knight & I can't find or remember which one it was. Do u know?

I have no clue. sorry!


Anonymous said:  Either Kendall is not informed that the show is cancelled or maybe that is not legit information because he just tweeted about the show tomorrow.

then he deleted the tweet because he’s using the bandsintown app to post for him and the event hasn’t been removed from bandsintown. It’s legit information. It’s not happening.


Anonymous said:  just wanna say that i love you and don't stop what you're doing <3

thank you. I’ve been having a crappy day and I needed this more than you know. <3 <3 <3 


Anonymous said:  I already did ... but are in bad quality. I think it's a little unfair that you just have it, tell you with respect, not as an insult. Seriously I want this photoshoot, but hey, thanks for your help :)

My hands are tied here I’m sorry. Maybe eventually I might be able to post it. I’m planning to post a photoshoot previously in gross quality in good quality to celebrate BTROnline being online for 3 years on it’s anniversary on the 8th. Does that at all make up for it? :)