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I'm Deanna. I make graphics and fangirl. that's about it.
 people going big time

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Anonymous said:  If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♥

thank you!!! :)


Anonymous said:  The official page of BTR on facebook publish your edition of album "24/SEVEN" abddjsjjsssj :DDDD



thank you for telling me! 


Anonymous said:  Big time rush suckkked

you suuuuuuck.


Anonymous said:  I know there are a lot that's why I had a hard time deciding. Wanted ur opinion on some of ur faves. But nm.

I’m sorry that I suck. :(


Anonymous said:  What new Kendall pics u recommend for wallpaper on my phone?

There’s really a lot of new Kendall pics…


Anonymous said:  I don't have photoshop. But I figured out how to save the gif as a jpg with windows. also was wondering if u could tell me how to select what part in the gif I wanna have the pic from. Like theres a certain part I want but when I save it with windows as a jpg it does give me a still but its not the part of the gif that I want. The part of the gif I want is at the end and its saving the beginning of the gif as jpg. Any advice?

I have no idea honestly. I have photoshop and a mac so I’m completely useless in this case. Sorry!


Anonymous said:  How can I make a still pic outta a gif? Please help :(

open the gif in photoshop and save in the frame as a png or jpg.


Anonymous said:  candace is there because most of the people who watch dwts are old conservative older people.

it’s called DANCING with the stars though. To be on it you should probably be good at DANCING. which she, is not.


Anonymous said:  Nah, I'm not into the whole dancing stuff and I'm not really into James either.

I guess that’s your loss and his loss of your votes….


Anonymous said:  DAMMIT!! I'm not watching DWTS, I only watched last week because the guys would be there. Why on earth didn't they show that last week?? It makes no sense! :-/ Someone better put the video on tumblr ASAP!! I wanna see it!!!

you should watch and vote every week!