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Deanna’s Photoshop Tips 

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been using photoshop for everyone’s always looking for a way to improve and be the best they can be. You want to be proud of your work and there’s nothing like being able to be proud to say you made something in photoshop. I’ve put together some tips for you guys.

1. Use high quality images - there’s nothing that can look better than a nice HQ graphic. if you’re not using HQ pictures at least try MQ and try to avoid using LQ although sometimes there are ways to make a graphic with an LQ pic and still have it look good, try to avoid it. HQ photos are best.

2. Sharpen your work when you’re done - when you’re done arranging your photos or you’re finished adding effect and textures, compress your layers and sharpen it. It will give it a clean and crisp look. But avoid over sharpening. If you think it looks too sharpened try undoing it and duplicating your merged image, sharpening your duplicate and then adjusting the opacity.

3. Use good resources - There are so many places to get amazing resources without even leaving tumblr! Some of my favourites are fuckyeahresources (tutorials, textures, PSDs, fonts), slayground (textures, tutorials, PSDs, tips), drunkandcoloring (PSDs). Don’t be afraid to use people’s resources, that’s why people post them! 

4. Know your tools - Photoshop has amazing tools that can help you do almost anything. Play around with them. Don’t be afraid of them, one of the first steps to using photoshop is knowing what you’re doing.

5. Use layers - Layers are your best friend. If you make a mistake or you need to adjust something, you can easily access what you need on a separate layer. It’s a fast and easy way to monitor what you’re doing. If you’re having issues figuring out what’s on what layer, you can always rename them. 

6. Ask questions - If you’re stuck, most people on tumblr who make graphics would be happy to help you out. Ask them! Most of us are here to help!

7. Use Tutorials - Tutorials are amazing. They can teach you how to create a graphic and they can teach you different techniques that you can use in other graphics and they’re SO helpful so never be afraid to follow them.

8. Play with colour - Colour is something that is always classy. Don’t be afraid to mix PSD colourings or colour your own images. If you’re looking for things to play around with when it comes to colours try vibrance, selective colour, hue/saturation, colour balance and curves. Before I started making my own colourings I would download PSDs just to see what other people used to see what changes what so don’t be afraid to do that!

9. This one is more of a tumblr tip but… Tag Correctly - tagging your graphics if important on tumblr. People have tracked tags. So people are going to see your work if you tag it correctly. Rather than putting something like “band : big time rush” just put “big time rush” people will see it!

10. Watermarking your graphics - if you want to watermark your images do not make them huge and chunky, on people’s faces, or across people’s bodies. Try to hide it. Play around with the opacity or layer settings,overlaying or setting the layer to soft light can really help sometimes.

11. Play with layer settings - Never be scared to play with the blend modes. Sometimes changing them can change the entire look and feel of your graphic. for example try putting a gradient layer on soft light. you’ll be amazed with how shiny and different your graphic will look.

12. Have Fun - Graphic making is fun. Try to have fun while your creating. You’re not going to be proud of your graphic if you didn’t have any fun making it.

that’s all for right now. I hope you found these tips helpful! :3

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