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Anonymous said:  I've met band members and they payed more attention to skinny, pretty girls and it's sucks. They would say hi and then that would be it. For the rest of the time I was left standing there whole they had full blown conversations with all the skinny girls. But then I met other Artist and they were total sweethearts and would hug me and thank me for supporting them

BTR wasn’t like that. It was just Dustin who was a jerk to me which pissed me off cause I genuinely admired his guitar playing, I wish I could play like that but then I found out he was a jerk sooo… I’ll just stick with Kendall and his cute winking & guitar pick giving ways. :3


On our way back to the venue w/ @OrangeTattooCo 1loganhenderson @heffrondrive! #summerbreaktour…

On our way back to the venue w/ 1loganhenderson !

Anonymous said:  How long ago was it that u met Dustin and he acted like that? Also I was wondering the same thing since im a big girl and I never met Kendall and was thinking about meeting HD if they come to my state. But my concern is how is Kendall? I've heard he's sweet but how's he to bigger girls? Im a rusher btw so im more wanting to see HD for Kendall not Dustin. I've followed Kendall since the beginning.

first the summer of 2012 and then the summer of 2013. Kendall was a total sweetheart. He even stopped me and gave me guitar pick and winked at me and I almost passed out. He’s not the kind of guy to be rude to anyone he even made my Mom give him a hug (who was there because she loves BTR). haha


werwerthereckless said:  Hiya! Once you receive this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to ten of your favourite followers~!


1. I like big time rush.

2. I like cupcakes.

3. I have a fansite problem where I want like 356456753 of them.

4. I love Frederick.

5. My dog is currently crying at me whilst wearing a sweater.

boom there you go


Anonymous said:  Aw that's bogus.. I didn't know he was like that! Don't let it get you down tho. I think you're beautiful I hope you do too !!

aww well thank you! :) <3


Anonymous said:  You said "you know how I feel about Dustin"

oh. he just wasn’t very nice to me because I’m not tiny and pretty and skinny either of the times I saw him.